About Our Tours

Yorkshire Dales hotel

Our very first tour was to England in November of 1977. Since that time, many groups of all sizes have travelled all over the world.

One of the more popular tours is “England and Scotland—Off the Beaten Path”. On this tour, emphasis is placed on seeing places seldom, if ever, visited by the average tourist. There are times when it is hoped that an oncoming car will not be met, because it would be al on way to reverse to a place where both vehicles could pass. On some rural roads, gates are across the road to prevent sheep and cattle from leaving the fenceless areas. One of our group has to get out and open the gate for our mini-motorcoach to go through.

Accommodations on this tour are in first class country inns and hotels. All rooms have private facilities. The hotels are small, cozy, and all serve excellent food. A full English or Scottish breakfast and an “a la carte” dinner are served daily. In london, a Continental breakfast is the only meal included in the tour price.

Each day has a relaxing schedule. The only deadline is dinner each evening. There are many stops, very few scheduled, for people to browse, shop, take photos, go for a stroll, or even just sit and enjoy the atmosphere of a peaceful English village. One of the reasons the tour is so relaxed is because we always stay two or three nights in each hotel.

“Flexibility” is the key word on this tour! Quite often, when talking to people in the hotel, we find that there may be a special event that would be of unique interest to the group. Thus, we have the flexibility to visit or attend that event.

THE TOUR IS LIMITED TO 14 PEOPLE! There are two reasons for this. First, transportation is by deluxe mini-motorcoach, which is needed to travel on the many narrow country roads. Second, except in London, all the hotels are small country hotels that are only able to take small groups.

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